Sjaki-Tari-Us has the aim to share knowledge and experience to teachers and parents in counseling and educating children with a mental disability on Bali.

Welcome to Sjaki-Tari-Us

Sjaki-Tari-Us is a foundation with the focus on children with a mental disability in Bali under the following motto; not less, but differently gifted. We offer children and teenagers with a mental disability a learning program and teach the parents how to educate and take care of their child. We achieve this by sharing and educating our Balinese teachers our western knowledge and experiences in the guidance of these children are helpful as well. Furthermore, we have developed, and still continue to develop, special learning programs. Together with the Balinese teachers we have developed a working culture and learning program that consists of both Western and Balinese influences. This has to lead to a higher quality of the guidance of and education for children with a mental disability. Moreover, we aim for more acceptance of people with a mental disability in the Balinese culture. Our final goal is to transfer our foundations to the Balinese people.
To improve and increase the learning possibilities, communication, capabilities and independence of children with a mental disability. With the usage of several play and learning materials and methods and to support schools and teachers in the practise of this goal.

There is no limit in what we can achieve together

As a child with a mental disability in Bali, you are not as much accepted as in Europe. Among other things such as religious reasons and ignorance, having a child with a mental disability is seen as bad karma from the parents and/or child. They are embarrassed. This opinion has to be changed! Every child with a mental disability has his/her own qualities and has a right to live in society and to be him/herself . They are not less, but differently gifted and they have the right to participate in the society as an equal person.